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        A new radio station, WXND 100.9 FM, launched on December 21, 2020 to amplify local voices in Louisville and extend broadcasting opportunities for the Kentuckiana community.  The frequency 100.9 FM had been silent since January 1, 2020 when WCHQ Crescent Hill Radio went off the air.  After that time, WCHQ transferred their frequency along with their extensive local music archive to Xtendsound, a Kentucky-based nonprofit organization.

Almost eleven years ago, Crescent Hill Radio (WCHQ 100.9 FM) began broadcasting under the FCC's Part 15 low power radio broadcast regulations.  In October 2014, the station was awarded a low power FM license and began broadcasting at 100.9 FM. Over the course of its operation, WCHQ became known as the “voice of local music” and assembled an incredible archive of music by local artists.












        On December 31, 2019, WCHQ went off the air.  Shortly after, in early 2020, XtendSound, Inc. (WXND) was formed as a community non-profit to accomplish three things:

1. Save WCHQ’s FCC Low Power license for local community radio;
2. Preserve and continue to use the wonderful local music archive assembled by Kathy Weisbach and WCHQ; and,
3. Extend access to the airwaves across Louisville, including broadcasting programming created by other community radio stations such as ARTxFM.

Xtendsound, 501(c)3 organization, raised funds from local donors to buy new equipment and install an FM antenna on Rainbow Blossom’s market in Saint Matthews.  Now they have returned this local music and these local voices to the airwaves as WXND 100.9 FM.  WXND will amplify the voices of the Louisville community, preserve WCHQ’s legacy, and provide essential emergency broadcasting services, 24 hours a day / 365 days a year.

John Begley
Kara Richardson
Gregg Seibert
Megan Neff Sherehiy

WXND Station Manager
Kara Richardson

WXND Chief Technician
Sean Selby

WXND Assistant Technician
Max $ Selby



        WXND would not be possible without the generosity of

        Owsley Brown III



& Listeners like YOU!

        Xtendsound           P.O. Box 4234     Louisville, Kentucky 40204             xtendsound@gmail.com